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Register of Political Parties and Political Movements

Run by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Public Administration Section
Drieňová 22, 826 86 Bratislava 29, Slovak Republic

Register extract of Political Parties and Political Movements

This extract has only indicative character and it is not applicable for legal acts.

Name of political party / movement:
Abbreviation of name of party / movement:
Mierová 1909/68, 06601 Humenné, Slovenská republika
Identification number (IČO):
Registration date:
Registration number:

Members of the preparatory committee:
  • PhDr. Ivan Hopta, CSc., Mierová 1909/68, 06601 Humenné - splnomocnenec
  • Ľubomír Fečík, Strojárska 1831/92, 06901 Snina - člen
  • Alexander Kucka, Strojárska 1830/91, 06901 Snina - člen
  • MUDr. Fedor Šandor, Mierová 1908/58, 06601 Humenné - člen
  • Jaroslav Zelinka, Mierová 1909/70, 06601 Humenné - člen
Statutory body:
  • PhDr. Ivan Hopta, CSc., Mierová 1909/68, 06601 Humenné - predseda From: 21.09.2005To: 
Way of acting of the statutory body:
Predseda - koná v mene strany samostatne

Date and serial number of the registration of change of data:

Change of address:
Change of statutory body:
Change of statute:
New statute:

Change of name:
Change of abbreviation of name:

Cancellation of party and its reason:

Start of the party liquidation:

Declaration of insolvency:
Conclusion of the Bankruptcy proceedings:
Rejection of the proposal for a bankruptcy declaration (due to lack of asset):

Bankruptcy trustee:
Date and reason of cancellation:


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